Patron Tequila Tasting at Landerhaven Three Patron Tequilas Molly McSweeney

This Tequila tasting was hosted by Patron held at Landerhaven Executive catering. It included master distiller and creator of Patron speaking. Its like hearing from tequila royalty. They put the bling in this affair. Three CBS grads mixed their favorite tequila drinks. Who knew Rosemary and Red Bell Pepper went together in Tequila. Molly is a 2008 graduate, mixologist and current Vice president of USBG Cleveland Chapter. Looking good Molly keep up good work!

Molly, William, and Rob Patron Tequila Tasting Chaz Bartending at the Patron Tequila Tasting

I like to call this pic bartender royalty. Will C. Director CBS for twenty years with 10,000 grads and counting. Rob T.1997 CBS grad, voted Cleveland's Best Bartender 2012, voted President USBG Cleveland and Molly M. 2008 grad currently Vice President USBG Cleveland. Im sure you'll agree, we all do..LOL
Let us not forget Chaz T. 2007 CBS grad currently works for Rock n Roll HOF through Landerhaven. You never know who'll you will meet bartending, three grads in one spot small world. Way to go guys and Molly, we're proud of you!